The Whyte Yarcowie Vaudeville Troupe is the leading musical variety group in South Australia.  In the past 38 years the Troupe has raised large sums of money for local charities and community groups.

Watch out in 2022/23 for our new show “Young At Heart” 



The crew performs an entertaining mix of music, comedy, and dance, reminiscent of music hall days gone by.  With dazzling costumes and plenty of laughs, you’ll definitely have a great night of variety entertainment.  If you’d like the Troupe to perform at your next event, get in touch!

Jude with backstage joey Laura 20220626
Jude backstage with rescue joey at the Laura show.

Young at Heart

Thank you Mt Bryan For a great audience
A beaut reception at Laura Thanks very much
Port Victoria … Fantastic audience THANKS!
Keith Michell Theatre Port Pirie Friday Mar 3rd 2023
Jamestown Evening show Sat May 20th 2023
Jamestown Afternoon show Sun May 21st
Long Plains Sun Oct 22nd


Thanks for looking..

“What’s hot.. Judy Lewis and The Whyte Yarcowie Vaudeville Troupe”, Peter Goers Sunday Mail Adelaide

“The Whyte Yarcowie Vaudeville Troupe are local legends who have sung,
danced and joked their way into the hearts of everyone who encounters them.”
Country Arts SA, 2009

Listen out for Judy on Peter Goers Evening radio show ABC Adelaide every second Tuesday about 9:15pm